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Children's Water Safety Pilot Project

The CMIRC Children’s Water Safety Project continues to prepare for two pilot projects. CMIRC has now raised sufficient funds to support Kru Payu and his swim instructional staff to begin exploring a project with children from a central city school to be conducted at the Bronco Kids Pool, and another project at Ban Pao Witiyakhan School with the assistance of the Tin Thai Ngam Rotary Club and the use of Kru Payu’s portable swimming pool.

A Thai language brochure has been designed and will soon go to the printers. These brochures will be used in the schools to encourage parents to enroll their children in Kru Payu’s drowning prevention program. The pilot program should be underway in the central city in the month of September. We anticipate 80 children between the ages of 8 and 10 from families with few resources will be served during this initial stage of the project.


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