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About Paul Harris Fellow (PHF) Recognition

Paul Harris Fellow (PHF) recognition is given in appreciation to anyone who contributes, outright or cumulatively – or in whose name is contributed – a gift of US$1,000 or more to Rotary International Foundation's Annual Programs Fund, PolioPlus, PolioPlus Partners or the Humanitarian Grants program. The recognition consists of a certificate, pin (shown left, with Paul Harris Society hanger), and optional medallion. A Paul Harris Fellow is not an award, but formal recognition of the donation. Rotary established the recognition in 1957 to encourage and show appreciation for substantial contributions to what was then the Foundation’s only program, Rotary Foundation Fellowships for Advanced Study, the precursor to Ambassadorial Scholarships.

The following CMIRC members are Paul Harris Fellows: Jerry, Maliwan, John, Gary, Clarence, Colin, Nancy and Roger. Honorary member Shana is also a PHF as is Elsie Choy.

Certificate of Appreciation. Occasionally, a donor contributes US$1,000 and wishes to recognize a business or organization. In these instances, since Paul Harris Fellow recognition can only be presented to individuals, a Certificate of Appreciation is given instead.

Multiple Paul Harris Fellow. Multiple Paul Harris Fellow recognition is extended at subsequent $1,000 levels (e.g., $2,000, $3,000). Recognition consists of a pin with additional stones corresponding to the recipient's recognition amount level. US $2,000 to 2,999.99 - one sapphire; 3,000 to 3,999.99 - two sapphires; 4,000 to 4,999.99 - three sapphires; 5,000 to 5,999.99 - four sapphires; 6,000 to 6,999.99 - five sapphires; 7,000 to 7,999.99 - one ruby; 8,000 to 8,999.99 - two rubies; 9,000 to 9,999.99 - three rubies.

Paul Harris Society. The Paul Harris Society is a district-administered recognition for those who elect to personally contribute US$1,000 or more each year to the Annual Programs Fund, PolioPlus, PolioPlus Partners or the Humanitarian Grants program. Individual districts handle all associated recognition for this program, and inquiries should be directed accordingly. Paul Harris Society contributions are eligible toward Rotary Foundation Sustaining Member, Paul Harris Fellow, Multiple Paul Harris Fellow, and Major Donor Recognition.

Photo from Wikipedia, author Richard P. Welty; photo his own work.


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