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What you May Have Missed in January 2022

CMIRC members were not able to have their regular every other Sunday morning visits to the patients and their families at Burma Children Medical Fund (BCMF) B.K. Kee Patient House here in Chiang Mai where members socialize, play games, bring food and engage in craft projects with the patients and their families. The Patient House remains closed to visitors during the upsurge in Covid-19 cases in Chiang Mai. Basic supplies are dropped off there every other Sunday.

Chiang Mai Expats Club breakfasts, where we promote CMIRC and swap "Change for Children" owl banks, were cancelled for January due to the Covid-19 cases in Chiang Mai.

Multiple warm clothing deliveries by President Dylan (and family) to people of Northern Thailand in need of warm clothing for the winter during the month of January. (Below is Dylan's daughter Charlotte, center, with their "adopted" family in Om Koi sharing a video with "Grandma" while her family waits for their truck to get back on the road the next day.)

Rotarians Nicha and Bill T. championed the distribution of survival packages of rice and essential dry food items to people in need in Chiang Dao and Hang Dong.

Tuesday, January 4, the first Tuesday in the month regular club meeting occurred in person at the Royal Peninsula Hotel. At this meeting we conducted the formal induction of new members Myrna, David and Cesar (pictured, below). There was spirited game competition amongst the members so we could get to know each other after many months of ZOOM meetings.

Saturday, January 8, meeting at the Royal Peninsula Hotel Room 208 of proposed CMIRC Foundation office with proposed board members (Roger, Bill T, Bill P and Roger) with Lawyer Joe to discuss status of Foundation application.

Sunday, January 9, at 9 pm we had our 9@9 ZOOM meeting to stay in touch with our club members wherever they may be in the world.

Tuesday, January 18, a Service Project Committee meeting via ZOOM.

Tuesday, January 18, a Fundraising Committee meeting via ZOOM.

Tuesday, January 18, CMIRC third Tuesday of the month meeting. Sadly, the meeting was moved to ZOOM because of increasing number of Covid cases and the request by the Thai government to minimize group gatherings. Michael Mann presented the program on the Integrated Tribal Development Foundation (ITDF). IDTF will be a partnering organization on a proposed water and sanitation global grant application where CMIRC is the host club and RC of Fig Garden, California will be the international partner club.

Tuesday, January 25, the CMIRC Board Meeting via ZOOM.


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