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What Happened At Our Last Meeting

At last Tuesday's meeting, a small but stalwart cadre of CMIRC members braved the heat to listen to comedian Todd Sawyer's fascinating take on the trials and tribulations of attempting stand-up comedy as a career (see story below). Greeting members was Des "copper" Russell, who'd returned from a prolonged illness looking gaunt, but ready to resume his roll as club receptionist. John Wittenberg from the Rotary Club Eastern Seaboard Pattaya was the only guest Rotarian. After John was asked to stand and introduce himself by club sergeant at arms Bill Mason, Bill quickly moved on to other club business, leaving John to ask, "do I have to stand the whole time?" Good to hear that our southern Rotarians have a sense of humor.

With both president Joe Evans and president-elect Shana Kongmun away, former president Roger Lindley "gonged" the meeting to order. Roger announced that the SAA schedule (already e-mailed to members) would be out soon and that Mike Lake had agreed to chair the membership committee (with Roger advising). Club secretary Jerry Nelson, filling in for treasurer John Schoor, reported that "we're still solvent." That ended the administrative portion of the evening.


In Happy Baht news, Bob Carroll was relieved that no rock stars had died, Mike Lake was glad to have ransomed brother Bill's winning golf ball for 100 baht, and Nancy Lindley was again feeling good about getting back into an exercise regimen. In weekly raffle news, Nancy noted that one of the prizes, aside from a bottle of Johnny Walker Red, was a can of "healthy" SPAM. Raffle winner Des "copper" Russell declared that because of his illness, he hadn't had a drink in four weeks. "So you don't want the alcohol," Nancy guessed. To which Des replied, "I want the alcohol.."


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