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The Semester Flies By at BEAM

Can you believe it we are in May 2022; times flies by. So to for the students of the current semester at BEAM Education Foundation.

They are busy preparing, (some are even writing now) for GED exams. (Explanation of the program, from BEAM's Facebook, below.) There are thirty-four students close to writing exams, with some students taking a little extra time to prepare with the target date of end of May to be completed, depending on circumstances and location of students.

Our online cultural exchange in English has only two sessions weekly left, which for students and volunteers has been a lot of fun as well as being informative. Some of the topics discussed were media, music, food (both ours and theirs) and cultural favourites. I got a thumbs up for admitting I love durian, particularly with a piece of good blue cheese. Without doubt everyone enjoyed sharing their experiences, their love of fresh food together with its health benefits.

For me a theme that has emerged through these sessions is the value of handing down cultural traditions and knowledge together with the fun of dressing up in their traditional clothes for festivals and celebrations, along with the importance of a community and family support. All students want to give back to their families and community once they obtain their education objectives.


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