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The BCMF B.K. Kee Patient House in February 2020

This month we were able to have Vin (Thongin Nuntarut) come out and do some consulting about gardening projects at the Burma Children Medical Fund's B. K. Kee Patient House surrounding property and some priorities that Burma Children’s Medical Fund director, Kanchana Thornton had in mind. Within a matter of a couple of weeks, he and some other volunteers purchased supplies, made a couple of visits to the house and were able to accomplish the work. The results are quite amazing. Of course, now the goal will be to make sure the hard work doesn’t go to waste and the edible plants, herbs and flowers are well tended. In addition, two air purifiers were purchased to assist patients who have respiratory issues.

Sunday visits continue to occur each week. Patients and families enjoy a variety of activities such as Arts and Crafts, workbooks for the kids, games, etc. We recently enjoyed a new musical game that volunteer Mwe Kaem introduced. Everyone forms a circle and while music is playing, a small ball is passed around. When the music stops, the person holding the ball wins a small prize, like the happy winner of a pair of gloves, pictured at left. The second time around, if a person who has already won a prize is holding the ball, he/she has to sing a song, perform a short dance, tell a joke or make a funny face. (Some form of entertainment!) It was a big hit with all of the staff, residents and Rotary volunteers. I’m sure we will be playing it again very soon.

Some former younger patients who had stayed at the house several months ago arrived in February. It was a joyful reunion to spend time with them and their families.

This month we also had the pleasure of having a former member of CMIRC and former project champion of the B. K. Kee Patient House surprise us with an unexpected visit. Gary Herman (far right, below) was in Chiang Mai earlier in the month and we all had a wonderful time visiting. It was also a great opportunity for him to see the work that continues at the house.

Sadly, visits by CMIRC members to the B.K. Kee Patient House have been put on hold, effective March 15, until further notice because of concerns about COVID-19.


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