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The B.K. Kee Patient House in March 2022

This month we made two supply drops to the Burma Children Medical Fund's B.K. Kee Patient House delivering our normal donations of hygiene supplies and supplementary snacks. We brought employee Klao some information for ordering a new white board from Office Mate that he has already acted upon. It fits the budget we had allocated, and the company delivers and assembles (for a nominal additional fee) so we’re hopeful that they will have a new whiteboard to aid in delivering instruction very soon. I inquired about the bathroom door replacement and Klao is still having a difficult time getting the crew he usually uses for jobs such as this one to find time to come out and measure and provide a final bid. We will follow up.

As stated in last month’s bulletin story, the house seemed to be returning to some normalcy with new patients and caregivers arriving, but while that is indeed nice to see, the other normal part of the process is for folks to leave. We had the opportunity to say goodbye to some very familiar faces, two mother and daughter teams who had been at the house for a very long time. One pair (mother, Yin New Oo and daughter, Soe Yue New) had been there over two years. Soe Yue New had been the youngest patient at the house for quite some time, so it was a bittersweet visit, and we certainly hope they have a safe and joyful trip back to their home villages to be reunited with other family members and friends. The last thing that Soe Yue New said to us in perfect English was “Thank you very much for everything!!”

Intern update- Intern Diana moved into the Patient House and will stay there through the remainder of the summer break, March/April in Thailand.

This has been helpful for Klao in that it has helped to relieve some of his workload. Diana also recently submitted her semester report, grades, grant letter and internship agreement as well as the tuition fee receipt for her first semester.

At this time, we are still doing supply deliveries and are forgoing sustained visits due to Covid and because some patients have suppressed immune systems.

Hours: CMIRC members - 10; Volunteers - 5


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