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Thailand Water & Sanitation Project Global Grant Application

Progress on Application: Thailand Water & Sanitation Project Global Grant Fundraising continues by the District 5230 Rotary Clubs for this project in which CMIRC will provide logistical support. The proposed project will help bring clean water and sanitation to Hill Tribes villages in Northern Thailand.

The CMIRC Board met and brought attention to a number of points that need to be addressed:

  • Preparation for a project to start in July 2022 needs to comply fully with Rotary International requirements.

When and how could the Community Assessment take place?

Assessing the community’s strengths, weaknesses, needs, and assets is an essential first step in planning an effective project. The assessment helps to:

  • discover the best opportunities for service and highlights ways to maximize the club’s ability to make an impact

  • better understand the dynamics of the community

  • ensure you and your project’s beneficiaries make informed decisions about service priorities

Before starting an assessment, consider what information is needed about the community.

Assessments are the foundation of every humanitarian project, small or large, because they provide a framework for identifying solutions to a community’s problems. They also build valuable relationships and encourage residents to help make lasting local improvements.

Assessments should be systematic, involve a variety of local stakeholders and beneficiaries, and engage them in a meaningful way.

While conducting an assessment, expectations need to be managed. Communities should understand the benefits of partnering with Rotary and how that partnership requires their involvement, contribution, and ownership

Especially in the Thai context, the status of villages in the project needs to be clarified with respect to the legality of the village and access rights of the water pipeline.

  • Detailed data on the villages needs to be collected e.g. child mortality and locations, diets of the villagers, etc and how the project will improve conditions.

  • All meetings related to the project need to be carefully documented.

(photo from Intertribal Development Foundation)


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