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Testimonials from BEAM Foundation

By Sarah Dodoo

As the year 2020 gradually closes out, we are happy to share some news to warm your hearts. In this edition, we proudly share success stories from our past students who participated in our GED program. We hope that as you read this, you will find a reason to remain hopeful of better days ahead and to continue your great work of supporting our mission.

About Our GED Program: Since 2010, BEAM Education Foundation has been implementing the GED (General Education Development) course, an American-based and internationally recognized non-formal high school diploma course. This course allows a student without a formal education background to receive an official high school diploma which is required for accessing tertiary education. A one-year program, the GED course aims to prepare our students to pass their examinations and to apply for college and university. Migrant students from many different ethnic groups in Myanmar come to BEAM Education Foundation to study together with the hopes of achieving recognized high school certificates and applying to international programs at universities. There are four test subjects taught in this course: Reasoning through Language Arts, Social Studies, Math, and Science.

GED Testimonials: Testimonial 1

Our first testimonial this month focuses on our alumni, Moht, (pictured right, in her first year at Rangsit University). In her submission, Moht shares her reason for pursuing the GED, some challenges she faced, and how she overcame them, among others. She is currently pursuing her bachelor’s degree in International Relations and Development at Rangsit University here in Thailand, with a partial scholarship awarded by the university.

BEAM: Why did you decide to take the GED program?

Moht: I always dreamed of studying abroad and I knew that the GED certificate could help me achieve my dream. My parents encouraged me to study international programs, too. That was why I took the GED program.

BEAM: What did you like about the GED program?

Moht: I loved to learn about U.S. history and its government systems.

BEAM: What were some of the challenges you faced as you pursued the GED program?

Moht: My challenge was English. My English was not good enough to learn everything in the GED program.

BEAM: Did you overcome the challenges mentioned above? If yes, how did you overcome them?

Moht: I tried to practice my speaking skills every day with my friends. I watched some English subtitle movies and listened to English songs. Now, I feel like my English is better than before.

BEAM: How were you involved in any community development during the GED journey or after graduating from the GED program?

Moht: I participated in the Youth Conference by BEAM and the JUMP! Foundation. I learned a lot from that conference like leadership skills or how to solve global issues. I was also involved in making masks and hand gel for people during the COVID-19 pandemic. I really enjoyed it!

BEAM: Share with us how you plan to serve your community, country, and the world.

Moht: International Relations and Development trains students to think theoretically and practically. I want to be a social worker who can contribute and make changes in my community or at the international level, especially in education. I want to improve the educational system of my country and also the economic and political systems.

Testimonial 2:

Great News from Thammasat University!

Two of our alumni from the BEAM Class of 2016/2017 were recently recognized for their outstanding leadership and academic performance at Thammasat University in Bangkok!

Saw Dah Boe was awarded the GSSE Leader Award and academic performance award (GPA 3.5 above) and Naw Hsu Yadanar Oo was awarded for her excellent academic performance (GPA 3.5 above) and dedication to extracurricular activities! Take a look at their pictures below! (Left, Saw Dah Boe receives his GSSE (Global Studies & Social Entrepreneurship) Leader Award. Right, Naw Hsu Yadanar Oo receives her award for excellent academic performance (GPA 3.5 above) and dedication to extracurricular activities.)

A Call to Action:

Why don’t you take a minute to connect with us on social media for more stories about our current and past students and ongoing projects? We would love to keep you updated on the impact of your support of our work.

Well Wishes:

Thank you for taking the time to read the testimonials. We hope that the last month of this year will be better than the past ones. May you have good health, safety, peace, and joy beyond measure, in all things.

Editor's Note: Sarah is the Higher Education Program Associate at BEAM Education Foundation.


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