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Reminders About Our 9@9 Zoom Meetings

These meetings are an outgrowth of the ZOOM meetings that were started due to restrictions imposed by the Covid-19 outbreak on holding face-to-face regular meetings. They have continued as the 9@9 Meeting as a means for the club members here to stay in monthly contact with our members who are presently outside of the country. The 9@9 designates the meeting on the ninth day of the month at 9 PM Thailand time.

The moderator for these meetings is IPP John Schorr with our SAA Bill Pierce acting as the “gate keeper”. Members of the club are on the invitation list for these meetings. If a member feels that the attendance of a non-member to one of these meeting would be beneficial for member recruitment, you may share the meeting name and password with that person BUT please let them know this should not be shared with others and please inform SAA Bill of the person’s name for admitting them to the meeting. If not on the admission list, they will not be admitted. This is done to prevent unwanted crashing of the meetings or the introduction of inappropriate content into the meetings.

These 9@9 Meetings are not intended to be used as inter-club meetings or for the purpose of make-ups by non-club members. Inter-club or other meetings can be identified, setup and announced as such, and conducted at another time besides 9@9.


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