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President's Message For November 2023

In September, the Chiang Mai International Rotary Club (CMIRC) was honored to host District 3360 Governor Dr. Wathit Tangrapeelert. This provided an opportunity for the CMIRC Board to discuss the challenges our club faces.

Striving for Membership Excellence

One of our main objectives is expanding CMIRC's membership to a robust thirty-five individuals. The club strives to achieve a gender balance, aspiring for a 50% female membership. Simultaneously, we are committed to reducing the average membership age from sixty-nine, fostering a more diverse and dynamic club demographic.

Bridging Communities: Increasing Thai Membership

CMIRC recognizes the importance of local representation and is keen on increasing the number of Thai members within the club. By fostering connections with local communities and tailoring projects to address specific needs, the club aims to ensure a more inclusive and community-oriented approach.

Sustainable Funding for Service Initiatives

Fundraising remains a core focus for CMIRC. It plays an essential role in supporting impactful service projects. The club is dedicated to exploring diverse avenues to secure sustained financial support, ensuring the continuation of initiatives that directly benefit the community.

Global Impact: Water and Sanitation Global Grant

One of the ambitious endeavors of CMIRC is the implementation of the Water and Sanitation Global Grant (GG #2233068). This initiative underscores the club's commitment to addressing critical global issues while exemplifying Rotary's capacity for positive change on an international scale.

Preserving Engagement and Enjoyment

Beyond the strategic goals, CMIRC places significant emphasis on maintaining an engaged membership. Regular meetings and events are designed to disseminate information and foster a positive and inclusive club culture. The leadership understands that an active and connected membership is paramount to achieving the club's objectives.

In the face of these challenges, CMIRC stands united in its commitment to growth, diversity, and impactful service. By navigating these strategic objectives, the club is poised to overcome challenges and emerge more impactful than ever before.


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