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Power of Smart Change

There is a new program called “The Power of Smart Change”. This program is club directed; participation is completely optional. District Governor Surasak (2105-2016) was kind enough to give each member of our club a lovely Owl bank. The owls are the inspiration for a nice way to painlessly save a bit of money and then donate it to the Rotary Foundation. All you need to do is put your spare coins in the owl and then bring it to the meeting on designated days; currently the first meeting in June and the first meeting in December.

Most members received their owls at the 5 January 2016 meeting. Members who do not have an owl are welcome to ask the Foundations Chair for one. We currently have 4 or 5 remaining in stock.

Are you silly enough to name your owl? I hope so! Perhaps we’ll have a prize soon for the owl with the best name: So far:

  • Maliwan has decided to name her owl น้ำใจ (good will)

  • Jerry’s owl will be known as known as ใจกว้าง (generous). Personally each day when I feed ใจกว้าง, I am reminded of the immense good that Rotary does through the collective efforts of us all; the reason I joined this organization in the first place!

All Rotarians are encouraged to donate to Rotary. There is extensive information available on As Foundations chair I will be continue to promote giving. I’m more than happy to explain the various options and methods. The bottom line is that while I’m here to help. Further personal giving will be self-directed; participation is completely optional.


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