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Oh What a Night!

From the moment President Joe Evans kicked off the evening, guests at the Latin Wine Charity Dinner were treated to a cornucopia of food, drink, and entertainment. From searing flamenco guitar music to sultry tango dancing to soothing arias by Thai tenor “Book,” the night was overflowing with excitement. Guests were greeted with complimentary glasses of delicious sangria, while tables of Spanish tapas and Thai goodies offered an assortment of starters. Although the seafood paella was a late arrival (wind kept blowing out the chef’s gas stove), when it did appear, it also was a hit. And of course if the food, wine, and entertainment weren’t enough, the end-of-the-night raffle sent 14 lucky winners home with everything from vintage earrings to spa treatments to romantic overnights to tickets to Yangon. What a fun way to kick off 2016!

Great energy from very talented people


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