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October 2021

The return to a "new normalcy" may be in sight. More and more vaccines are coming into Thailand, finally, and the professionals of their robust public health network can finally do their jobs after the politicians have gotten out of the way of vaccine procurement and manufacture. All the public health network needed were vaccine supplies and it didn't take them long to swing into full gear. All of our club members who have wanted to receive COVID-19 vaccines have been vaccinated and most have returned to Thailand.

Chiang Mai International Rotary Club is poised to resume its children's safety, health and education projects as soon as the schools reopen. It looks like November 1st is the target date for Chiang Mai province. Fortunately, there is little vaccine hesitancy here and mask-wearing has never been a political issue.

We're planning to return to in-person meetings on November 2nd. The future looks good.

Meanwhile, settle down in the cool fall air with your favorite beverage to read our latest bulletin, below. As always, it's a little better if you click on the title of the story, where you will be taken to a web page with a full-page view of the story. Enjoy!


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