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May 2022 at the BCMF B.K. Kee Patient House

This month we made one supply drop at the beginning of the month, met with staff twice to discuss projects and needed items for the 2022 - 2023 Rotary year and capped off the month with a party at the Burma Children Medical Fund's (BCMF) B.K. Kee Patient House in Chiang Mai.

Gary Herman and I went to the house and we were able to review all the items thoroughly on their wish-list during an in-person meeting with director Kanchana Thornton, who is now thankfully back in Thailand after a long absence. This will greatly enhance our ability to complete the proposed budget and Strategic Plan to be presented at the Service Project Committee meeting in June.

As mentioned, we had a party this past Sunday for the patients and caregivers, and it was the first time we were able to join in the fun after many months of Covid restrictions. As we do for our in-person CMIRC meetings, we took an ATK test that morning and sent in our results to the staff. Rotarians Gary, Nick, Bill, and volunteer Pink brought food, games, and party favor bags for the party, as well as the usual hygiene supplies. We played a couple rounds of Bingo and each time someone had a Bingo they received a gift bag. It was indeed a special treat to stay for the activity.

During the middle of May, employee Klao was needed to help conduct a vision screening trip for several days. During his absence, Intern Diana ably stepped in and took over the duties that Klao normally does with support from BCMF's Mae Sot office; Klao was only a phone call away. According to Klao, during the four days that he was doing the vision screening, he and his team saw 579 refugees and provided eyeglasses to 543 of them. A few dozen of the refugees needed further examination and tests to see if they require any type of surgery.

We are thrilled to report that BCMF director, Kanchana Thornton has given us permission to resume visits at the Patient House by following the protocols outlined in the email I received. “BCMF is happy for CMIRC and relevant associates to resume BCMF - B.K. Kee Patient House visits upon request. All visitors will have to follow the house COVID safety protocols. ATK before each visit and face masks at all times while at the house. Alcohol hand wash will be provided at the house.”

June will be my final month as acting Project Champion for the B.K. Kee Patient House. Gary Herman will be officially taking over on July 1st of this year. My final remarks will come in the June Bulletin.

Hours: CMIRC members - 30; Volunteer - 4.


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