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March 2022

Welcome to Smoky Season! It's been a little late getting started this year, with pleasant temperatures and occasional rain showers lasting longer into the year than normal. Also the new provincial governor seems more serious about fighting the local population's desire to light fires in the forests to promote growth of valuable mushrooms in the cleared underbrush or to use fire to clear last year's crop remains from their fields.

Still, according to and it's real-time reporting, the number of fires in the region is increasing and the air quality is decreasing. Sigh.

Sadly, COVID-19 cases remain high, although the deaths remain low as the Omicron variant has become dominant. This means that children are out-of-school and our school-based service projects have been scraped for this school year, which ends soon. We hope to catch-up with double-duty activity when school starts again in May-June.

Pour your favorite beverage, settle in and review the many activities of Chiang Mai International Rotary Club, below. You may wish to view this Bulletin in an internet browser, instead of as an email for better effect.


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