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Keith Bennett Assumes Role of Service Projects Chair at CMIRC

Chiang Mai International Rotary Club (CMIRC) is delighted to welcome Keith Bennett as our new Service Projects Chair (SPC), succeeding the accomplished Rotarian Nick Dale. Nick's outstanding leadership in this role leaves big shoes to fill. However Keith, a retired software developer with experience in New York City and Washington D.C., is more than up to the task.

Nick Dale's tenure as Service Projects Chair was marked by a series of successful and impactful initiatives. His dedication to the community set a high standard, and his contributions won't be forgotten.

Keith Bennett has a background in software development. His interests include community, current events, computer software, Thai and other languages, and karaoke. Keith brings an analytical and innovative approach to his new role. His focus on efficiency and problem-solving will be assets in planning, implementing, and evaluating CMIRC's projects, ensuring they make a real difference in Chiang Mai. His appointment as CMIRC's Service Projects Chair promises an exciting era of community service.

One of Keith's key objectives is identifying opportunities for signature projects that will elevate CMIRC's community impact. He plans to collaborate extensively with other organizations, volunteers, and committee members to maximize the reach of CMIRC's projects.

Funding is often a critical factor in project success. Keith will work closely with the Fundraising Chair to secure necessary resources. His financial expertise will be invaluable in this regard.

Effective promotion is vital for project success. Keith will work with the Public Image Committee to ensure CMIRC's projects receive the attention they deserve. He also plans to collaborate with other Rotary clubs on joint initiatives, amplifying their collective impact. In addition, he will feature CMIRC's projects in the Rotary Showcase, sharing the club's success stories with the global Rotary community.

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