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Heartwarming August Visits: Spreading Joy at the Patient House

Throughout August, the Chiang Mai International Rotary Club (CMIRC) made two touching visits to the Patient House, showcasing the club's commitment to service under the guidance of Project Champion Gary Herman.

Bingo Fun with President Roger

President Roger and new volunteer Jup joined the gathering. Jup's delightful snacks added to the warm atmosphere. However, the real highlight was Bingo, led by Gary. Patients and caregivers enjoyed the game, with President Roger even calling numbers. Gary also distributed hygiene supplies, making it a memorable visit filled with joy and practical support.

"B.K. Kee's Got Talent" and Language Lessons

During the second visit, Treasurer Yao, past secretary Nick, and Pink, a regular volunteer, joined the team. Gary brought essential laundry soap, while Nick and Pink added a unique twist to the day.

A new Bluetooth speaker set the stage for "B.K. Kee's Got Talent," where participants passed a ball while Burmese pop music played. The one holding the ball had to choose between singing, dancing, or learning Thai or English. Rotarian Bill's double prizes incentive led to a burst of singing talent.

Nick and Pink enriched the visit by offering short English and Thai lessons, fostering cultural exchange and learning. This visit was a delightful blend of music, dance, language, and treats, showcasing the Patient House as a place for care and community.

CMIRC's August visits to the Patient House, led by Gary Herman and with active participation from officers and volunteers, brought immense joy and lasting connections. Through Bingo, music, dance, and language lessons, CMIRC demonstrated the Rotary spirit of "Service Above Self" while brightening lives and building strong community bonds.


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