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Covid-19 Online Meeting

We held our first online meeting with the support of the ChivaCare Medical Center using the Zoom platform on Tuesday, 31 March on the subject of Covid-19. Dr. Martin Venzky-Stalling, Senior Advisor to the Chiang Mai University Science Park, and Dr. Surat Tanprawate, Medical Director at ChivaCare Medical Clinic and Lecturer in Neurology at Chiang Mai University, hosted the meeting. Ten CMIRC members along with Tim and Diana Schaffter participated in the meeting. Tim is a former UNICEF Representative.

Covid-19 Online Meeting

Topics covered included: risk factors, key precautions, the current situation in Chiang Mai, key hospitals involved, likely scenarios and the importance of mental health. A recording of the meeting is available here: and contacts for the two experts are: Dr. Surat:

Documents with further information are available at:

You can get updates from the COVID-19 Support Page…. FAQ Document being launched soon. Click Here for the Chiang Mai COVID-19 Facebook Support Page


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