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Community Service in Northeast Thailand

By Joe Evans

I live in rural Thailand; my farm is right next to a small village. During harvest season, huge trucks come to the village to pick up villagers and take them away with their motorcycles, bedding and clothing to cut sugarcane fields over the country. They leave their children with the elders and are gone for a few months. The village is then filled with children and their grandparents with few resources. I decided that the best way for me to help the kids was through the local school.

Ban Phasak school is the small local school with a small budget. There are sixty-five students. A few months ago, my wife, Nid (pictured to the immediate right of the sign, below), and her friends organized a special meal for the kids. While we were there, the principal pointed to a space and said that he wanted to put a sports court in that location. Two friends chipped in with me to supply the money needed. A few weeks later one of the teachers who spoke some English and the principal invited me to come to the school on Friday morning to show that they had built a gravel area that I can only compare to a bocce court. The kids were very happy with their new sports court. (about half the school is pictured below, thanking Joe and Nid on the sports court)

I have decided that the best way for me to serve my community is with the school and I intend to continue helping them to improve the resources available to the children. It is an honor, privilege and joy to be of service to these wonderful children.

Editor's Note: Joe Evans (to the immediate left of the sign, above) is a Passport Member and Past President of CMIRC. Joe now lives in Isaan, in the rural northeast of Thailand. We look forward to him visiting the club in Chiang Mai when it's safe to travel in Thailand. We welcome reports of community service activities from other Passport and Overseas Members.


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