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CMIRC's September Acts of Care: Hygiene Kits and Talent Surprise

During the month of September, members and friends of CMIRC made two visits to the Patient house.

Project champion Gary had purchased hygiene supplies and backpacks for the patients and caregivers to assemble hygiene kits. On the first visit of the month, members Bill, Nick, and Nick's spouse, Pink, delivered the backpacks and supplies to the house. (Unfortunately, Project champion Gary was called away to a family emergency and was unable to be with us.)

Assembling the kits

The patients and caregivers formed a line around the tables and enthusiastically and efficiently assembled approximately 30 kits. Some of the items included soap, shampoo, toothpaste, toothbrushes, Kleenex, and Q-tips.

After the kits were assembled, we played a couple of rounds of Bingo. During the first game, when each patient and caregiver got a Bingo, they went and selected their hygiene kit.

Patient receives her kit

On the second visit, attended by Bill, Nick, and Pink, we enjoyed a couple of rounds of "B.K. Kee Has Talent." Seeing and hearing the patients and caregivers sing and dance is always a joyous occasion. On this visit, one of the patients who is shy and has always refused to participate surprised us when, upon receiving the ball, she immediately stood up and chose to sing a short song. What a wonderful surprise!


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