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Building Hope: Nikki's Apartments Ready To Move In

Agape Home faced challenges during the construction of Nikki’s Apartments. However, thanks to some resourcefulness, the project not only overcame obstacles but exceeded expectations.

Budget Reallocation

Initially, the funds for furnishing ten units fell short. Yet, the construction came under budget, allowing the surplus to be wisely reallocated. Each unit is now furnished, providing a comfortable space for residents.

Design Enhancements

Decisions on tile color and style were made collaboratively. The roofline now covers the parking area at the front of each unit, demonstrating a commitment to aesthetics and functionality.

Final Touches and Readiness

While some finishing touches remain, the Agape Home team is diligently preparing the units for occupancy as the new building is becoming a symbol of hope and care for the youth in the Agape Home family.


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