BEAM: Good News from Africa

The new semester is about to begin, early September, exciting, oh yes there are challenges ahead. It’s not plain sailing, ask any round the world yachtsmen; it would be boring if there weren’t some obstacles.

The big obstacle is the internationally-known Covid-19 virus. The bottom line is that BEAM Education Foundation is going technical with online teaching; the only attendance at a BEAM classroom is for Mathematics. The conclusion was you need the physical group interaction for that subject. Students on-site in Chiang Mai amount to twelve, give or take a pair of arms and legs. Other students are located within Thailand and Myanmar will be totally online students! A new experience for all with a built-in process of self-teaching with the use of a computer, internet, live interaction and applications.

Amidst all the controversy of different elections around the world there is good news for BEAM, a replacement for Lulu who supported the English Teaching and Admin has been found; now in the hot seat. Her name is Sarah Dodoo. Below is an introduction from Khun Ko Phyo.

Introduction: Sarah Dodoo