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BEAM: Good News from Africa

The new semester is about to begin, early September, exciting, oh yes there are challenges ahead. It’s not plain sailing, ask any round the world yachtsmen; it would be boring if there weren’t some obstacles.

The big obstacle is the internationally-known Covid-19 virus. The bottom line is that BEAM Education Foundation is going technical with online teaching; the only attendance at a BEAM classroom is for Mathematics. The conclusion was you need the physical group interaction for that subject. Students on-site in Chiang Mai amount to twelve, give or take a pair of arms and legs. Other students are located within Thailand and Myanmar will be totally online students! A new experience for all with a built-in process of self-teaching with the use of a computer, internet, live interaction and applications.

Amidst all the controversy of different elections around the world there is good news for BEAM, a replacement for Lulu who supported the English Teaching and Admin has been found; now in the hot seat. Her name is Sarah Dodoo. Below is an introduction from Khun Ko Phyo.

Introduction: Sarah Dodoo

The BEAM Education Foundation’s most recent team member is Ms. Sarah Dodoo. Sarah comes on board as the Higher Education Program Associate where she will work to support the Community Youth Leadership Development (CYLD)/General Educational Development (GED) Program at BEAM, a program that seeks to support and empower marginalized youth to access higher educational opportunities here in Thailand.

Alongside her role at BEAM, Sarah is also an English Language Instructor at the School of Promise here in Chiang Mai. Prior to both roles, Sarah was based in the United States for two years where she completed a Master’s degree in Family and Consumer Sciences at the Eastern Illinois University.

Originally from Ghana (West Africa), Sarah’s involvement in international and community development started when she joined the staff team of the United States Peace Corps post in Ghana. One of her favorite duties then was providing programmatic support to the post by serving as the Gender and Youth Development Working Group staff liaison. In this role, she worked with different Peace Corps volunteers across the many rural communities in Ghana to manage clubs and organize camps for the young people of her home country. Such clubs and camps were designed to educate, empower and mentor young people. Sarah is excited to be at BEAM where she has such a similar opportunity to engage with and support determined young people in the CYLD/GED program.

With storytelling as one of her passions, Sarah is an active member of the Chiang Mai Toastmasters Club, currently serving as the Vice President for Membership.


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