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BEAM Education Foundation Going to Online Classes

As BEAM Education Foundation prepares the 2020 -2021 semester, with fine tuning the online classes, resolving the logistics of time and WIFI connections, spare a thought for the students (about sixteen) from last semester who were not able to complete the GED exam process as exam centres were closed due to Corona 19. Some were relocated, upgraded and are now preparing for a second time to write the one or two final exams; success means they will be awarded their GED Certificate. Unlike a Presidential candidate in waiting, their destiny is in their hands.

On the good news side, students who successfully completed exams, and received the GED Certificate are moving on with their life. Some lucky to get sponsorships or scholarships are now attending university.

In Cultural Sharing, all CMIRC members have a new opportunity. Would YOU like to write about a topic of your choice for the students to increase their knowledge in understanding and gaining confidence in the use of the English language and at the same time increasing their general knowledge of the world? Some of the topics in which the students have indicated interest include: fashion, reading, arts, impressionists, and music.

If interested, please contact me for details so we can share with students and BEAM personnel.

The new approach to learning -- on line learning -- is new for all with advantages and disadvantages. To me the biggest disadvantages are losing the support of fellow colleagues, the interaction in the classroom particularly at question time and doing group studying. These are all interpersonal interactions, relationships and skills. However on the flip side it forces one to look at what support, resources are around you, it will save time in travel, potentially reduce their accommodation costs with that saving partly offset by Wi-Fi and technical needs.

With all these challenges, changes in a BEAM students life, their passion, desire to achieve their dream of obtaining a recognised education certificate, the ultimate goal of having a university education has not diminished, it’s just another challenge. Exciting times ahead, for all.

Good Luck to those writing exams in October 2020!!!! And with fine tuning the online classes for 2020 -2021


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