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B. K. Kee Patient House in June

During the month of June two care packages were delivered to the Burma Children Medical Fund's B. K. Kee Patient House. In addition to basic household supplies, materials delivered included items that can be used for children to continue to work on their education. This past Saturday some portable whiteboards, markers and erasers were delivered, as well as some language development workbooks for one of the older students.

In addition, CMIRC secretary Nick Dale donated four papaya trees and two large bags of fertilizer. Once they grow to full size they will provide healthy snacks for the residents as well as some shade for the grounds.

This month the residents were able to play a game of bingo for some prizes that were dropped off earlier in the month. It’s wonderful to see staff take the lead and engage in activities with the patients and their families. They have also been active in tending to the gardens which have become nearly a full-time job.

CMIRC members are looking forward to when the restrictions on in-person visits are lifted and we can return to our regular visits to the house.


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