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Assembly News

The final Tuesday of March provided the club the opportunity for a small but lively debate on project procedures, with two recommendations concerning project proposals being agreed upon (pending board approval) First, a reference document/checklist for making project proposals will be created by the ad-hoc committee. This checklist would be posted in the members area of the website and used by members to facilitate and standardize project proposals. Second, the club will follow a step-by-step process for approving projects. To recap:

1. The project champion submits the proposal to the projects chair.

2. The projects chair screens the proposal to insure that it's as clear and complete as possible.

3. The project chair passes the proposal on to the board for further vetting/appropriateness.

4. The project champion makes a presentation to the entire club, which then votes for or against approval.

5. If approved by the club, the board decides how much support the club can lend the project.

This process will avoid any "hair-trigger" projects, as club sergeant-at-arms Bill Mason called them, from being approved without all members having some input beforehand.

Other topics discussed included asking members to help with the weekly speaker program by either finding suitable outside speakers or making presentations themselves. Club secretary Jerry Nelson and past-president Roger Lindley are working on a new speakers policy. Pending board approval, a motion was made by Mike Lake that members be afforded the opportunity to propose recipients for the quarterly raffle/happy baht gifting. These proposals would follow the same five steps mentioned above. Finally, club treasurer John Schoor walked us through the club's finances, showing us where to find on the website all club financial information, as well as minutes from all past board meetings.


The Thai Tailor rep brought new dress shirts to the meeting and everyone seemed happy with the results. In Happy Baht news, John Schoor described his idyllic holiday in Kauai, Hawaii, saying "it's a truly spectacular place. They really do live 'aloha' there." Patty Schultze was glad that she'll be returning to clean air and sunshine in Seattle after that city recorded its wettest year ever, and Nancy Lindley was happy to live in a condo, where repairs are made almost immediately, as opposed to living in a house, where you may have to wait a few days before the electrician shows up. Also, in telling us about the weekly raffle prizes, Nancy pointed out that Des Russell had won a bottle of Johnny Walker last week. "And he's not here this week," Bill Mason quipped. Finally Mike Lake won his first weekly raffle ever and chose the Girasole Italian Restaurant voucher. (Ummm, bruschetta and lasagne, here I come!)

Marvin Chung readies 800 baht for his new custom made Rotary button-down shirt, made of a very lightweight material and offered in both long and short sleeved versions.


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