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An Appeal from BEAM

Editor's Note: In the past, members of CMIRC have played an active role in helping BEAM Education Foundation students in preparing to obtain their GED certificates, that permit marginalized migrants and stateless people not otherwise able to obtain a high school diploma to access higher education. This year, CMIRC's role is limited due to Covid-19, but BEAM is operating largely on-line and has a large group of students eager to sit for the GED exam. The CMIRC Project Champion for BEAM, Nick Dale, passes along this appeal from BEAM. All funds are listed in U.S. dollars:

One of the main goals of the BEAM Education Foundation is to implement the GED program that allows our students to access higher education in Thailand. Our Higher Education program offers the opportunity to about 30-35 students each year to participate in this one-year GED program with focus on these four subjects: English, Math, Science, and Social Studies. Due to the policies in Thailand, our students are able to attend universities here once they successfully complete and pass the GED exams. The GED option is one of limited pathways for our students to access higher education here as their prior learning experiences and certifications from Myanmar are not recognized and accepted in their attempts to attend universities in Thailand. As of now, we have 33 students who are in our GED program and will hopefully participate in the exams soon. Thankfully, two of our partners are funding 17 out of the 33 students to participate in the exam.

We are therefore, at this point, raising funds for our remaining 16 students for both the GED practice test ($6.00 per subject per student) and the main GED exams ($75.00 per subject per student). GED practice test - $6.00 per subject per student = $24.00 per student (16 students = $384.00) GED main exams - $75 per subject per student = $300.00 per student (16 students = $4,800.00) Total GED Funds To Raise = $5,184.00

We will really be grateful to have your support to help our students continue to pursue their dreams of higher education.


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