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4 Villages, 585 Residents Receive Access to Clean Water Thanks to Rotary Global Grant

The rainy season in Northern Thailand has been kind to us this year. Therefore, we have had access to our project villages, which are often entirely inaccessible during heavy rainfall, even with 4-wheel drive vehicles. We have now successfully completed the water and sanitation installations in four villages, with a combined population of 585 people. Work has also commenced in two other villages, so we are on track to complete all seven villages in year one of this three-year project. There's even a possibility that we may start working on next year's villages during this Rotary Year!

Our project is making gradual improvements in the lives of the people, and the first step is providing clean waste and sanitation facilities. Many thanks to Director Mike Mann and his team at the Integrated Tribal Development Foundation (ITDF) for their expertise and hard work, helping us to remain on schedule or even ahead of it.

For those who would like to see the project in action, here is the latest version of a short video showcasing the work we are doing:

Special thanks to Documentary Photographer John Hulme and CMIRC President-Elect Patrick Desloge, our dedicated and highly professional video team!


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