Developmental disorders, such as Autism Spectrum Disorder, are common and have a large impact on children and their families. These disorders can cause a high degree of disability for the child, and families and carers may also experience a large burden, including financial strain and experiences of social isolation. Early intervention and appropriate support can improve health outcomes for these children, but this requires early detection. The engagement of parents and carers is crucial to the effectiveness of early intervention and screening.

In 2019, three Developmental Surveillance and Promotion (DSPM) kits were purchased and donated. Two DSPM kits were given to the McCormick Faculty of Nursing, Payap University for use by students in mobile units. Nursing students were trained in the use of the screening materials and mothers advised on necessary actions. One DSPM kit was presented to Samoeng Hospital for use in the locality.

This year, CMIRC will donate a CSPM kit to each of the following hospitals:  Chomtong, Omkoi, and Mae Tuen and arrange for training in the use of the kits. Discussions are underway with Rotary Clubs in the UK and the Rajanagarindra Institute of Child Development (RCID) to bring a team of specialists from the UK to support health centers in Chiang Mai province with children’s developmental screening.

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