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What You May Have Missed In May 2023

Club members' biweekly visits to the residents and staff at the Burma Children Medical Fund (BCMF) B.K. Kee Patient House.

As the host club, CMIRC receives the first payment from The Rotary Foundation for the three-year 330,000 USD water and sanitation Global Grant for twenty-one remote villages in Northern Thailand.

May 2 - CMIRC Board meeting at UCafe at Unity Concord International School (UCIS).

May 2 - CMIRC regular meeting at the Royal Peninsula Hotel. Dominique Leutwiler (photographed above) of the Skills 4 Life Foundation was our Speaker. Membership Chair Myrna Muyana led the group in learning the Gummy Bear Dance steps.

May 12 - The CMIRC Foundation funding reaches ten million baht.

May 16 - CMIRC Regular Meeting at the Royal Peninsula Hotel. Honourable Keiichi Higuchi (photographed below), the Consul General of Japan in Chiang Mai, informed the club about the role of the Japanese government in support of local Thai communities. Membership Chair Myrna Muyana led the group in learning the cha-cha. Rotarian Raphael won the Lucky Draw.

May 23 - CMIRC Board Meeting at Cafe Amazon. We welcomed our new Treasurer Yaovapa "Yao" Ratanasopa on Board.

May 27 - Rotarians Myrna, Patrick, and Owen represented CMIRC at our Community Sponsor table at the Chiang Mai Expats Club (CEC) General Meeting.


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