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What You May Have Missed in July 2023

Every other weekend visits to Burma Children Medical Fund B.K. Kee Patient House by CMIRC members.

The Children’s Water Safety and Drowning Prevention Program (CWSDPP) swim sessions for the eleven Chiang Mai municipal schools continues at Bronco Kids Sports Club.

July 4 - Regular CMIRC Meeting at Royal Peninsula Hotel. Our speaker, Bradly, presented the topic, “Back to the Future: The Struggles of the People for Internet Amidst Civil War in Myanmar”. Membership Chair Myrna led the Mambo No. 5 dance routine.

July 7 - The CMIRC Foundation office get 3BB Internet and air-condition unit. Yay!

July 8 - President Roger Lindley receives his re-certification in Grant Management for Rotary Year 2023-2024.

Jul 10 and 11 - The Water and Sanitation Global Grant Team visited the first village, Santisuk, to receive clean potable water and toilet facilities. Team members included Past President John Schorr, Rotarian Patrick Desloge (with his daughter and daughter’s friend), Secretary Owen Hodgson, Gary Herman, Documentary Photographer John Hulme, and Director Mike Mann from the Integrated Tribal Development Foundation (ITDF).

July 18 - Regular CMIRC Meeting at the Royal Peninsula Hotel. President Roger Lindley and Membership Chair Myrna Muyana held the annual CMIRC Child Protection Workshop. The group got to rehearse their famous line dance to Achy Breaky Heart, led by Myrna.

July 25 - Monthly CMIRC Board meeting at UCafe at Unity Concord International School (UCIS).

July 27 - First meeting of the new CMIRC Scholarship Committee, consisting of Chairman Rotarian Patrick Desloge, PP John Schorr, Membership Chair Myrna Muyana, and Rotarians Robert Seelig and Gary Herman.

July 27 - The Children’s Water Safety and Drowning Prevention Project Committee - President Roger Lindley, Past President John Schorr, and Rotarian David Fagerlie - met project partners at Bronco Kids Sports Club for a discussion.


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