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What Happened at Our March 1st meeting

Nearly all CMIRC members witnessed what life will be like when club president-elect Shana Kongmun takes the reigns from Joe Evans in July. In contrast to Joe’s low-key style, Shana’s approach will be more, shall we say, direct. So when club store manager Des Russell previewed the new Rotary dress shirts (800 baht each), Shana decreed that, “I won’t require jackets when I’m president.” To which someone (Nancy?) quipped, “It’s a little early for your coronation, isn’t it?” While discussing shirt styles may seem a bit frivolous to outsiders, old Thai hands know how important the concept of “riep roy” (dressing well) is taken in Thailand. And with an entire slate of important events scheduled in the coming months (see “Save the Dates”), including Rotary International President John Germ visiting Bangkok next year, we will all need to look our best.

CMIRC store manager Des Russell (left) models the new Rotary dress shirt as master-at-arms Bill Mason looks on.

Treasurer’s Report

The big takeaway from Tuesday night was club treasurer John Schorr’s report on the Golf Ball Drop status. Before the meeting began, he had collected about 20,000 baht above expenses. But by the time members had turned in their most recent sales money (just before the meeting began), that figure had “ballooned” to 80,000 baht, with 100,000 baht a real possibility. John noted that money for projects was coming in and going out steadily, which is a good thing for a charitable organization, and that we have 188,000 baht for future program support. John concluded by encouraging members to champion worthy new endeavors, otherwise, the money will all go to existing projects. Speaking of existing projects…

Children's Water Safety Program

The club’s Children’s Water Safety project last week drew the attention of the Chiang Mai Mayor and “an entire contingent of local media,” according to project champion John. Check out the Club’s Facebook page for pictures and more detailed information.

One World Play Project

In other project news, club secretary Jerry Nelson announced that 100 indestructible soccer balls were available for gifting to local schools. “I only ask that they go to poor schools,” Jerry said. “Not to schools where kids are dropped off from Mercedes.”

Children's Sight Program

Project Services Chair Peter Bell presented a detailed account of the Children’s Sight Program statistics, noting that the project has been successful in large part because of the participation of Chiang Mai North Rotary and the Rotary Club of Ting Thai Ngam. As children’s sight project screeners Patty Schulz and Marvin Chung can attest, having Thai Rotary Club members help with translation is a blessing. Peter concluded by asking us all to like and then share the Sight Program’s Facebook page.

Patty Schulze and Marvin Chung (seated) screen students' close vision while Des Russell (standing) works with Bill Mason (not pictured) on distance testing.That's Peter Bell writing in the back corner.

Odds & Ends

In Happy Baht News, personal hygiene was the evening’s theme as Bill Mason was glad to finally have enough water pressure to take a decent shower after a week of trickles, and Tom and Cindy Johnson were elated to have hot water after two weeks of cold showers… Finally, Shana Kongmun updated us on her travel plans to the U.S., where she will apparently exist solely on “burgers and steaks.”


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