To & From Mae Tao Clinic with Love!

By Jerry Nelson

The Mae Tao Clinic is doing well despite serious challenges from loss of donors and the on-going COVID -19 situation. I, myself, have not been on the campus since the March trip where we were the last visitors allowed before the shutdown, but I stay in frequent contact by phone and email. Things are NOT back to normal, but we continue to work and to plan.

Next Awareness Tour:   We have scheduled our next awareness tour for 17 – 18 September. We must let you know that we will only be able to take three (3) people, a restriction necessitated by COVID – 19.  First ones to confirm with me will be allowed to go on the tour.  The preliminary agenda is:

Some things to know:  Although travel from outside of Thailand is prohibited and tour size is restricted we will have an exciting tour with lots to learn, do and see.  Concept is:

  1. This tour size is restricted to 4 people.

  2. Transportation to and from Mae Sot will be the responsibility of the individuals going on tour.

  3. Lodging will be arranged at a reduced rate at the Centara or PP Residence.

  4. Each person going on tour will be asked to sign an agreement regarding conduct and dress code.

  5. Cost: Each tour member will be responsible for his/her own expenses and will be asked to donate a minimum of 1,000 THB the MTC. Unless they specify differently, the money will be earmarked for the Child Protection Department/Child Development Center.

  6. Only 4 seats available sign up today!

Going Forward: We anticipate the next tour will be in November or December 2020. We anticipate future tours will happen three to six times a year.

Rotarian Dr. Cassim Akhoon!   

The last three tours of the Mae Tao Clinic campus were led by Dr. Cassim Akhoon. He brought the mission to life, inspired everyone who had a chance to accompany him through the campus, and is a most excellent diplomat. His wisdom and kindness are missed at Mae Tao Clinic. That said a quick story which I hope you enjoy. 

Dr Cassim absolutely loved taking the tour groups in hand and gave us in-depth knowledge of the clinic’s operations. Two things I remember best: 1) He was enormously proud of the Clinic’s decision to provide temporary housing for family members.  We all realize that the families travel hundreds of kilometers to seek treatment and that they have little or no money.  And,  2)  Dr Cassim told me that he was impressed with Rotary and the Rotarians who support the clinic. So much so that he would like to join Rotary when he returned home to England. Rotarian Dr. Cassim is now a member of the Rotary Club Ending Human Trafficking and I have the distinct honor of being his Rotary Sponsor!

Mae Tao Clinic – Potential Opportunities to Help

When entering the Mae Tao Clinic website, the first thing I notice are the words “Without Your Help, We Can’t Help”.  So how can you help?   

  • COVID-19 causes us all a lot of inconvenience: Tours may be postponed, volunteers may not be able to enter Thailand, money is scarcer than ever before!  Still we continue our mission to help the migrants, especially the children!  We need your help!

  • Magic happens on the MTC Tours.  Come along and be a part of it!  See it for yourself and perhaps you will the magic as you pick a way to help! If you cannot make the 17-18 September tour, contact me.   We have been known to set tour dates to accommodate groups.

  • Mae Tao Clinic is looking for volunteers. Know someone who would enjoy the adventure of his/her life?   Refer them to Mae Tao Clinic.

  • There are ongoing conversations about a project to prevent children from being victims of human trafficking.  This will be part of the discussion for the September tour.  Please contact me for further information.

  • There are ongoing conversations about setting up a scholarship fund for children who are graduates of the Mae Tao Clinic Child Development Center.  Please contact me.

  • Donations are always welcome and can be tax-deductible.

Editor's note:  Jerry Nelson is the RAGAS Coordinator for Thailand, Charter Member of the Rotary Club of Ending Trafficking and an Honorary Member of Chiang Mai International Rotary Club.  Contact him at jnelson.ragas@gmail.com

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