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Report from Isaan

By Joe Evans

Greetings from CMIRC’s Isaan outpost. I live in a small village, relatively poor as many who live here pack their belongings on trucks, leave their children with their grandparents to watch and spend long hard hours daily cutting sugar in the fields in other parts of Thailand. When they return, they may make small enhancements to their houses and spend time with their children, but most of the time the children are without their parents. There is a small school across the road from the village and it seems to have been built in the 70s. Recently, they have a new principal who is dedicated to the children. While we were feeding the kids their special meal, he showed me plans of he what would do for the kids if he had the funds.

My wife Nid and her friends decided to give the kids a special meal and I gave her my moral and financial support to make this happen. The kids loved it, especially the French fries and ice cream. By the time lunch was over with their little tummies full, their faces lit up with smiles. There was even some creativity where I saw French fries decorating the cup cakes. A few were children living close to us, so we supply milk and treats and give them blankets, mattresses and other things that they need. It was a very happy day here in the middle of nowhere.

Editor's Note: Joe Evans (far right, above) is a Passport Member and Past President of CMIRC. Joe now lives in Isaan, in the rural northeast of Thailand. We look forward to him visiting the club in Chiang Mai when it's safe to travel in Thailand. We welcome reports of community service activities from other Passport and Overseas Members.


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