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Progress on Application: Thailand Water & Sanitation Project Global Grant

Fundraising continues by the District 5230 Rotary Clubs for this project in which CMIRC will provide logistical support. The proposed project will bring clean water and sanitation to several hill tribe villages in Northern Thailand. Mike Mann, Executive Director of the Integrated Tribal Development Foundation (ITDF) will give a presentation to CMIRC at the Royal Peninsula Hotel on Tuesday 18th January 2022 on the work of ITDF and progress on the water and sanitation project. If interested in attending this meeting please contact

Since 1990, the Integrated Tribal Development Foundation has been assisting the poor hill tribe communities in northern Thailand. The holistic approach focuses on improving communities in many aspects of life, including clean water, sanitation, agriculture, education, health, and cash crops. This approach provides an effective kind of development, because it allows ITDF to work with communities beyond a single project. ITDF also partners with international and local work teams from many countries.


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