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October Reunion and Adventures at the BK Kee House

It was a delight to be back in October, reconnecting with the residents after an entire month away in September. A big thanks to Bill Pierce for his consistent and invaluable support in steering the ship in my absence.

The month unfolded slowly, marked by our regular bi-weekly visits. Despite a decrease in resident numbers, the atmosphere remained vibrant. During our first visit, Bill and I engaged in our usual three-round bingo. Special thanks to Klao for acting as a translator during both visits.

During our second visit, we played "B.K. Kee's Got Talent". Picture passing a ball while Burmese music played in the background. When the music paused, participants had the chance to claim a prize by choosing between singing, dancing, or opting for a language lesson.

Interestingly, Bill introduced an incentive for those who chose to sing or dance – two snacks instead of one, a clever move considering my less-than-stellar attempts at English lessons.

Our team expanded with President-elect Patrick Desloge, who seamlessly joined us in treating the residents. We were also joined by Chan, a prospective Chiang Mai University School of Nursing intern, who actively participated in the activities, even taking the stage to sing for a prize. The visit concluded on a high note as Bill played a universally beloved song, prompting a spontaneous dance session, complete with laughter and applause.


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