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Mazars Thailand Ltd Laptop Computer Gift to Local Charities

Last month, Lanna Needy Network and its director, Ian Bushell received an offer of forty Dell Latitude Laptop Computers with Windows 10 installed from Mazars Thailand Ltd. Lanna Needy Network Director Ian Bushell contacted CMIRC and asked if we could help arrange the logistics.

We enthusiastically agreed and received fifteen laptops to donate to our BEAM Foundation service project, five to donate to our Warm Heart partners, and three to donate to our Burma Children Medical Fund B. K. Kee Patient House service project.

The remaining computers will be distributed by the Lanna Needy Network to Skills for Life, Rotary Club Chiang Mai - North, and the Wildflower Home Foundation. Pictured is our Warm Heart Partner, Evelind Schecter, receiving a laptop from Lanna Needy Network Director Ian Bushell.

Thanks also to Alan Dick of Siam Move Management Systems for handling the shipment.


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