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July 2020

Rainy season has started, with brief, but heavy showers nearly every day and clear skies for weeks on end.  So, too, Thailand has remained free of community-spread Covid-19 for weeks on end and the country is gradually, cautiously opening up.  All Covid cases for more than a month have been among Thai people in government-mandated quarantine after returning from working or studying overseas. 

As the economy opens, the need for food programs lessens, but Chiang Mai, dependent on tourism, remains hard-hit. We've changed the direction of our food programs to meet the continuing needs and will soon return to in-person club meetings. 

Pour your favorite beverage and relax to read what we've been up to, below. You can better view each story by clicking on the story's title where you'll be taken to the story on our website, displayed in a full-page, easy-to-view format.


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