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Flow of Hope: Transforming Lives in Santisuk Through Rotary's Global Grant

It is heartwarming to learn about the positive impact of the Water & Sanitation Global Grant at Santisuk! This Yellow Lahu village is the first settlement of twenty-one that benefits from the $330,000 USD funding by The Rotary Foundation. For those of you who do not know, this project is made possible through a partnership between many Rotary Clubs around the world, with the Rotary Club of Fig Garden, Fresno, CA, serving as the International Partner Club and the Chiang Mai International Rotary Club as Host Club.

On July 10-11, 2023, CMIRC Rotarians President Roger Lindley, Past President John Schorr, Secretary Owen Hodgson, Rotarians Patrick Desloge and Gary Herman, along with Mike Mann and staff from the Integrated Tribal Development Foundation, and Documentary Photographer John Hulme, paid a visit to see the impact of this life-saving project first-hand. Santisuk received clean drinking water and water filtration systems, latrines, and family gardens, all of which have positively changed the lives of the 55 villagers in the 13 huts.

The completion of the first project was celebrated with great joy and gratitude. Members of CMIRC and ITDF Director Michael Mann joined the villagers in their celebration, who expressed their appreciation by preparing a large spread of food in Lahu style and performing folk dances.

It is inspiring to see how Rotary Clubs and organizations are coming together to make a difference and improve the livelihoods of communities around the globe!


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