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CMIRC's Youth Programs Remain On-hold

By William Churchill

The onset of COVID-19 in Thailand coincided with the March/April hot season holidays of most schools in Thailand. Although our youth programs are in temporary hiatus, there is a need for membership involvement. Our Unity Concord International School Interact Club was in dire need of an Advisor and new member Chili Humphrey stepped up and will become the new Advisor once Unity Concord resumes in-person classes on their campus.  And since Mike Gholson has decided to return to the United States, we now are in need of a new Advisor for the Interact Club at Chiang Mai International School, which plans to return to campus on 5 August.

The Rotaract Club of Payap University (RCPYU) is scheduled to reconvene in August 2020 when the new school year starts. Their long break is due, in large part, to a change in their academic schedule. We have obtained the names of BEAM students enrolled at Payap and will contact them and inform them of RCPYU and Rotary, and encourage them to become members of RCPYU upon the restart of the PYU academic year. Since I have assumed the Board position of Youth Programs Director and plan to expand CMIRC's youth emphasis in the new Rotary year, there is an opportunity for a club member to assume the role of Advisor to the Rotaract club at Payap University.

The Teacher Advisors for the two Interact Clubs, at Chiang Mai International School (CMIS) and Unity Concord International School (UCIS) report that the clubs are subject to closed campuses and cannot meet or perform any services or activities until further notice. 


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