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BCMF House Visit

Every Thursday afternoon, a few CMIRC members, led by Jeannie and Karl Wells , drive out to the Burma Children Medical Fund's B.K. Kee Patient House to bring a little cheer to the lives of the young Burmese waiting there for treatment at a Chiang Mai hospital. We deliver snacks, games, art supplies, and whatever else we think the kids might enjoy. Most recently, Jeannie and Karl delivered diapers! We plan to meet with House founder and manager Kanchana Thornton next week to discuss upcoming needs at the house.

Imelda Tibbott demonstrates a wind-up soccer ball for a pair of admiring fans. Imelda will become a CMIRC member in November.

The family of Steve and Mary Hambley donated a cornucopia of gifts to the B.K. Kee Patient House, which kept most of the kids occupied for our entire two- hour visit last week.

Imelda brought along a Power Ranger helmet, which this young boy refused to take off - except when he was eating some of the snacks we provided.


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